If you started to use substances to deal with intense emotions, you might need to seek addiction treatment that addresses how to deal with these emotions. A center with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) can teach you the skills to manage emotions and other mental health issues.

Young woman crying during dialectical behavior therapyAt Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient, we help you heal from addiction while still remaining present in your day-to-day life. As a Dual Diagnosis Treatment center, we have a distinction for treating co-occurring mental health and addiction conditions successfully. For patients who have experienced trauma, we also offer the Seeking Safety program. This program teaches you to focus on the future, let go of the past and learn to build interpersonal relationships. You also learn coping skills for stressful situations. We offer morning, afternoon and evening treatment services so you can seek treatment while still fulfilling your other responsibilities. Located in the heart of Chicago, our facilities are easily accessible and convenient.

What is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy was initially designed to help patients with borderline personality disorder. However, it eventually expanded to deal with the issues faced by patients with a variety of mental health and substance abuse disorders. DBT focuses on helping you accept that beliefs that seem opposite can exist within one person at the same time. This encourages you to be able to look at life from another point of view without feeling like you have to defend your own beliefs. As a result, you are then able to accept your own emotions while being open to ideas that can help you change for the better.

DBT is delivered through Individual and Group Therapy sessions focused on gaining the skills necessary to become aware and open to different beliefs that can help with recovery. Therapists offer individualized treatment designed with your strengths in mind. The program is made up of several components, including:

  • Core mindfulness to reach a state of awareness, openness, and acceptance
  • Interpersonal effectiveness to validate your own needs while respecting the needs and rights of others
  • Emotional regulation so you can manage a variety of emotions while continuing to behave consistently with your values and maintaining perspective
  • Distress tolerance so you can remain balanced during periods of intense emotional stress
  • A wise mind so that you allow yourself to experience intense emotions and still make rational decisions
  • Dialectics or the idea that opposing ideas can coexist and both be true

Benefits of DBT

There are many benefits to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. DBT encourages you to change the aspects of your life you can control. It also gives you the confidence to make positive changes while decreasing negative behavioral patterns. You learn skills that you can use in your normal life to cope with stressful situations as well as conflict resolution skills. Finally, it also empowers you so you can set goals in life. Emotions can often be barriers to substance abuse recovery, but DBT addresses many of these barriers. The interpersonal aspect of the therapy also helps you build a strong support system to continue to assist you through your life-long recovery.

Services Offered by Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient

Our Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is part of the range of addiction therapy services we offer patients at our Outpatient facility. With our flexible hours for programs, you can schedule your treatment around your work, school and family responsibilities. Our team of doctors, psychiatrists, and counselors design your individual treatment program and include services such as:

You can overcome the behaviors that led to your addiction. Seeking treatment at a center that offers Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is one way to work towards success. Call Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient today at 312.627.9747 and begin the process of turning your life around.