Smiling red headed woman in group at Gateway dual diagnosis treatment centerIf you are struggling with both addiction and a related mental health condition, you want to undergo treatment for both at the same time. With Dual Diagnosis Treatment, our professional staff treats your addiction and related conditions so you can heal from both. At Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient, we follow a holistic approach to Addiction Medicine to cure your disease, so we treat your mind, body, and spirit. As part of our treatment programs, we work on making sure we address your mental health conditions along with addiction. Treating both guarantees that you can move forward with life and have a better chance of remaining healthy and sober.

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

With almost 40 percent of addiction patients suffering from a related mental health condition, treatment must be provided for both. Research has shown that treating both addiction and associated conditions reduce substance abuse and hospitalization and improve quality of life. At Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient, we provide integrated treatment for addiction and related conditions, so you heal from both. When you make progress with addiction treatment, you also see gains in your related condition and vice versa.

Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment center provides opportunities for you to grow as a whole person. Your body, mind, and spirit become healthier as you work towards the best life you can live. In our outpatient facility, you work towards your future while still remaining present in your regular life. Whether your responsibilities include work, school or family, you can continue those while you receive treatment. Throughout the entire process of recovery, from evaluation through treatment and alumni support, our staff works with you to manage both addiction and related conditions and to prevent relapse.

Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When you participate in Dual Diagnosis Treatment, you learn skills you can use in everyday life to face tough situations. Because both addiction and related mental health disorders are treated at the same time, you become stronger and more confident. During this treatment, you also learn how to make better decisions and how to manage your interpersonal relationships better. As we address your related conditions, you gain the motivation to make changes in your life and work towards concrete goals. Our doctors, therapists, and counselors work as a team to provide a treatment plan centered on your needs.

Other Services Offered at Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center?

At our Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment center, we offer you addiction therapy services during every stage of recovery. From the moment you decide to fight your addiction, through our Outpatient program, and after graduation, we support you. Your first step begins with our Withdrawal Management program, continues with our therapy programs, and finishes with our Alumni Engagement program. Because we are an outpatient center, we also know that you need the flexibility to schedule your treatments, so we offer services morning, afternoon and evening. You can take advantage of full or half day treatment programs and feel good about going home each night. Most importantly, our treatment is designed based on your needs and conditions, which is particularly crucial for dual diagnosis clients.

At the same time, you are undergoing our Dual Diagnosis Treatment, we also offer other services, including:

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Mindfulness-Based Sobriety program
  • 12 Step Facilitation program

We also offer a Seeking Safety program at our Dual Diagnosis Treatment center. This program is very beneficial if you are undergoing Dual Diagnosis Treatment due to past trauma. In this program, you learn to focus on the present, leaving the past behind, planning for the future. At the same time, you learn skills to deal with difficult situations. You also face in the real world and to build interpersonal relationships.

Once you are ready to heal and get help for your addiction and related mental health conditions, you can benefit from our Dual Diagnosis Treatment center. Call Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient today at 312.464.9451 and start on the road to physical, emotional and mental health.