Anxiety is not always a bad reaction to a stressful situation. It has the ability to alert an individual to impending danger or problems. When anxiety spins out of control, it can lead to a number of physical and mental problems. At its worst, it can even lead the individual into an addiction to prescriptions medications or street drugs. For that reason, top addiction treatment organizations like Gateway Foundation make anxiety treatment programs available for clients.

Information About Anxiety Treatment

According to some researchers, a little less than 20% of the US population suffers from some type of anxiety disorder. An anxiety disorder becomes evident when the individual consistently feels uneasy or panics about things others would find normal. There is no reliable cure for such a disorder. Therefore, the only method of anxiety treatment would come from anxiety treatment programs with mental health/addiction treatment specialists.

Woman speaks to her anxiety treatment program therapistWhat kinds of conditions lead to an anxiety disorder? Well, there are several factors that can cause a high level of anxiety in almost any individual. Here’s a partial list of factors that can lead to an anxiety disorder:


  • Health issues like cancer, heart attacks or strokes
  • High-stress lifestyle
  • Phobias
  • Financial and job issues
  • Relationship issues with family and friends
  • A co-existing panic disorder
  • Extended substance abuse issues

Gateway Foundation Anxiety Treatment Programs

While Gateway Foundation focuses mainly on drug and alcohol addiction problems, we do encounter clients with co-existing conditions. Anxiety is one of the more common mental health disorders we see from our clients. In such circumstances, our clinicians will prescribe dual diagnosis treatment. Along with their addiction treatment program, clients will simultaneously participate is anxiety treatment programs. This certainly applies to our outpatient dual diagnosis treatment center in Chicago.

When providing anxiety treatment, our counselors will usually employ an evidence based therapy option. In many cases, Cognitive Behavior Therapy is the treatment option of choice. Our counselors use this option as a way to get clients to focus on their thoughts and feelings. When they can recognize issues with their thoughts, they might discover there’s a link between that and their addiction. At that point, they empower themselves to recognize the onset of stress and anxiety and change their reactive behaviors. It should be clear just how important dual diagnosis treatment is when anxiety is prompting an addiction.

Outpatient Services at Gateway Chicago River North

Even though this is an outpatient only facility, we still offer anxiety treatment programs. We also treat addictions to almost any harmful substance. For more than 50 years, Gateway Foundation has been helping people get past their addiction issues. Today, we use a progressive approach to treatment, which includes the use of evidence based and holistic treatment options. For the benefit of each client, we take the available treatment options and customize them to address each client’s unique circumstances. Here are a few of our treatment options:

If you are dealing with an addiction that also makes you feel anxious, you might be dealing with co-existing conditions. If so, you need both addiction and anxiety treatment programs. We can provide those options at our Gateway Chicago River North location. For more information about anxiety disorders, addiction and our treatment services, please call our facility at your convenience. The number is 312.464.9451.