It would be difficult for anyone to deny how devastating drug and alcohol abuse is to the human condition. In a lot of cases, we see the devastation it causes those who are addicted. What we don’t always understand is the collateral damage it causes to that person’s family, friends, and co-workers. Top addiction groups like Gateway Foundation provide a Family Therapy program for a reason. That reason is while the addicted member is healing through treatment, the family needs some healing as well. Everyone in the family needs our addiction therapy services.

How Addiction Affects the Family

Couple smiling at results of a family therapy program at Gateway FoundationAs an individual slips into the cycle of addiction, it’s the close family members who are first to notice. Because of proximity, they are usually first to see changes in the addict’s appearance and behavior. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before their loved one’s addiction begins affecting their own lives.

As the addiction worsens, family members usually line up on two sides of the fence. On one side, we find the enablers. These are the family members that see what’s going on, yet choose to ignore it. Even worse, they might lend money or provide transportation to get drugs. Sometimes, they believe they are being sympathetic and honorable to their loved one’s plight. Unfortunately, they end up unknowingly sending the addict a message that their addictive behavior is acceptable.

On the other side of the fence are the family members who choose to reject the addict altogether. They get angry and often choose to distance themselves, leaving the addict isolated and simply alone. In cases where the addict’s behavior causes physical or financial damage, family members actually become victims.

From both sides of the fence, the damage done to family relationships is genuine. In some cases, it appears irrevocable. When strain has come to bear on the family, a Family Therapy program warrants serious consideration.

About Family Therapy

During treatment, patients get plenty of time in Individual Therapy. This affords them the opportunity to discover the truth about their addiction. It also gives them the basis for developing better coping skills to deal with life’s problems.

The problem is a lot of recovering individuals need support from family and friends. Without this kind of support, the likelihood of relapse increases exponentially. That’s why a Family Therapy program carries so much value. It gives the family an opportunity to come together for discussion and healing.

During Family Therapy, the counselor attempts to open up lines of honest communication. In cases where the patient’s addiction was long-term, much love and trust have been lost within the family. The family members might even be at each other’s throats over the loved one’s addiction issues.

Family Therapy promotes open, honest communication. As long as love exists, there’s a pillar around which relationships can mend. With that said, Family Therapy plays another critical role. It teaches family members how to avoid becoming enablers without having to distance themselves from the loved one. At the end of the process, a good Family Therapy program will help families come together to provide support.

Elite Services at Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient

As part of the Gateway Foundation nonprofit group, we take great pride in how we help patients. Much of our success comes from our unique approach. Using the 12 Steps of Recovery as a back-drop, we offer a holistic and evidence-based approach to treatment. In all cases, we design custom treatment plans that address each patient’s specific circumstances. As part of our Outpatient program, we offer:

As you contemplate submitting yourself for addiction treatment, we hope you will also consider the welfare of your family. To that end, Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient offers an excellent Family Therapy program that helps heal families. For more information about this and our other services, you can contact one of our addiction treatment staff members at 312.464.9451. We offer more than addiction treatment, we also provide you with hope for a better family life than you have now.