When you are undergoing addiction treatment, you participate in Individual and Group Therapy sessions as part of your healing process. These therapy sessions are essential outlets where you can discuss and explore the causes of your addiction. At the same time, you learn ways to cope with the obstacles you face in overcoming addiction.

Group therapy includes sharing the hard stuffAt Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient, we offer half and full-day Outpatient Treatment programs. These are ideal for patients who are self-motivated to succeed, have a stable home and a strong support system. We specialize in Dual Diagnosis Enhanced Treatment, providing care for co-occurring mental health conditions and addiction at the same time. We also offer our Seeking Safety program, for dual diagnosis patients who have suffered trauma. You learn to focus on the present, letting go of the past while learning coping skills and relationship-building techniques.

The Value of Group Therapy During Treatment

While Individual Therapy is vital to explore sensitive issues, Group Therapy provides you with the opportunity to build a strong support system. This type of therapy revolves around a small group of people who have gone through similar situations. Group Therapy helps you to identify and analyze the deeper causes of your addiction while receiving emotional support from peers. You build healthy relationships with people from different backgrounds and situations while encouraging and supporting each other. As a group, you also help each other maintain your focus on recovery.

Program Options at Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient

Gateway Chicago River North Outpatient is an Outpatient facility centrally located near Merchandise Mart, Illinois Center and Union Station. We offer half-day, full-day and Alumni Engagement programs to assist you on your journey to a healthy life. Our Outpatient programs are flexible, accessible, confidential and affordable. Involvement in our programs allows you to return home each night to your strongest support system. Being able to schedule therapy sessions at flexible times also provides confidentiality since you will not have to explain long absences from work or school. Outpatient Treatment is also often a more affordable option than Residential Treatment. Because we do not want cost to be an obstacle to treatment, we accept in and out-of-network insurance. We also provide insurance verification services and financing plans so you can seek the treatment you need.

Our support continues after you complete our program, with our Alumni Engagement and post-treatment recovery support. Through these, we offer options for you to continue being engaged with our strong Recovery Community. We offer volunteering opportunities where you can help others who are going through their own journeys. You can also participate in recovery support groups and even lead support sessions. A significant benefit of this program is that you remain focused on your own recovery.

Evidence-Based Services

As part of your personalized treatment plan, we incorporate a variety of evidence-based services that help you overcome addiction. You also receive the skills needed to face everyday situations that might have led you to abuse substances. In addition, you build and repair interpersonal relationships that might have been damaged by addiction. We support your recovery journey from the first moment, through Withdrawal Management, Outpatient programs and Alumni Engagement activities. The services we offer include:

As a facility that follows a holistic approach to recovery, our doctors, psychiatrists and counselors work collaboratively to design a plan to heal your body, mind and spirit. Within the program, you participate in Individual and Group Therapy, meditation sessions, and educational workshops, creating awareness and preventing relapse. We also involve family members in your recovery process by hosting Family Counseling sessions.

Addiction does not have to mean the end of the road. You can take control of your life and work towards achieving your dreams by seeking quality treatment that includes Group Therapy and other services. Call Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient at 312.625.8010 and begin your recovery journey.