If you experienced a traumatic event, you might believe the only way to cope with the pain is by using substances. However, over time, using substances can lead you to addiction and even more complex issues. A Trauma Therapy program can provide you with the skills you need to cope with trauma so you can recover.

Distressed man on sofa counselor conducting trauma therapyAt Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient, we provide treatment following a holistic approach to care. We take care of the mind, body, and spirit to help heal the entire person. With our flexible outpatient scheduling, you have access to treatment morning, afternoon, and evening. You can continue fulfilling your work, school, and family responsibilities while you work on healing. We specialize in Dual Diagnosis Treatment, providing care for co-occurring addiction and mental health issues, often caused by trauma.

Trauma and Addiction

Patients who have experienced trauma struggle when they need to deal with difficult or stressful situations. Often, they turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with negative emotions, but this just complicates things. While in the short term this might provide relief, in the long run, it can lead to addiction or even death. To overcome addiction, you need to be aware of and understand the impact trauma has had on your life. Using alcohol and drugs to cope with trauma prevents you from continuing with recovery or dealing with your emotions. A Trauma Therapy program can help you identify the issues related to trauma while teaching you the skills to cope.

Our Trauma Therapy Program

Trauma can be an obstacle to recovery and needs to be addressed and treated at the same time as an addiction. Our Trauma Therapy program focuses on helping you heal from both trauma and dependence in a safe environment. Our staff works to design an individualized treatment plan that includes Trauma-informed therapies such as Seeking Safety and Mindfulness-Based Sobriety. These programs address co-occurring trauma-related mental health and addiction disorders.

Our Seeking Safety program helps you focus on the future without having to relive the painful trauma from your past. The goal is to make you feel safe and empowered to continue with recovery. We teach you the skills you need to cope with stressful situations and to build healthy interpersonal relationships. Mindfulness-Based Sobriety helps you identify the obstacles to recovery you have dealt with in the past so you can build a stronger plan for recovery. The goal is to prevent relapse while learning how to plan for stressful situations with successful coping skills.

Our support for your recovery continues even after you complete your Trauma Therapy program, through our Alumni Engagement program. This program aims to keep you focused on your recovery. Through Alumni Engagement, we provide opportunities for you to get involved in our strong Recovery Community. You can participate by volunteering to share your story, lead support groups and plan activities in the community. Addiction recovery is a lifelong process, so we also commit to lifelong support.

Our Services

With our focus on Dual Diagnosis Treatment, our addiction treatment staff works with you to design a treatment plan that addresses your needs and considers your strengths. We help you overcome trauma through our Trauma Therapy program and to feel safe so you can work on recovery. Our Individual Therapy sessions and Group Therapy program help you overcome your addiction. We provide evidence-based services to help you achieve success in recovery. These addiction therapy services include:

Addiction is not the only way to cope with a traumatic experience. Seeking treatment in a Trauma Therapy program can help you overcome your addiction. Call Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient today at 312.627.9747 and begin your journey to a healthy, substance-free life.