People have always considered cocaine to be the social drug of the late 70s and early 80s. The truth is cocaine use and abuse is still prevalent today. People just seem to miss it in the news behind articles about crazy designer drugs and the current opioid epidemic. The one thing we have always known about cocaine is it is highly addictive. As such, we show concern for the people who fall into this addiction. These are the folks who need essential information about cocaine addiction treatment, starting with an Intensive Outpatient Program.

Information About Cocaine Addiction

Two men shaking hands deciding on rehab at a cocaine addiction treatment center in ChicagoBefore we delve into cocaine addiction treatment, we’ll share some info about cocaine addiction in general. The reality is cocaine use has been going on for centuries in one form or another. The drug became very popular in America with jet-setters in the late 1970s.

As a premium stimulant, the drug has always held a lot of appeal for people who want an energy boost. This applies to party-goers, long-haul truck drivers, and students who need to pull an all-nighter. Unfortunately, the drug also has a history of abuse by people who are trying to combat psychological disorders like depression. Regardless of why people choose to use this illicit drug, they often end up with an addiction.

Cocaine addiction usually starts with the user enjoying the drug’s initial euphoria. To sustain that high, users end up increasing doses and using more frequently. With less effort than one would imagine, addiction sets in and trouble begins. That’s when options like Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient substance abuse treatment programs become probable. Here are a few side effects of addiction that may require a cocaine addiction treatment center:

  • Heart rate issues
  • Dangerous increase in blood pressure
  • Loss of appetite
  • Possible strokes or seizures
  • Throat and nose issues if snorted

Getting Cocaine Addiction Treatment

When addiction sets in, the only viable place to get help is at a reputable cocaine addiction treatment center. A place like Gateway Chicago River North Outpatient center would undoubtedly qualify. Once the patient is in treatment, the process becomes pretty straightforward.

Before a patient can truly focus on cocaine addiction treatment, they need to clear their cravings and withdrawal symptoms. We provide an outpatient Withdrawal Management program that helps you go through drug or alcohol withdrawal safely.

After a patient has gotten past these issues, the real work begins. The heart of any cocaine addiction treatment programs continues with our addiction therapy services. We believe finding the causes of the patient’s addiction is very important to recovery. We want our patients to know the truth about the triggers that lead to substance abuse. Having knowledge of this information makes it easier to help patients build better coping skills for life. These coping skills are vital in recovery because they will enable the individual to fight future temptations and triggers to avoid relapse.

A Top Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center

As the name denotes, this is an outpatient facility only. With that being said, we do offer a wide range of treatment options under this Outpatient umbrella. What makes our facility so dynamic is our desire to treat each patient as an individual. As for our treatment options, much of what we do is part of a holistic and evidence-based approach. Here’s a look at some interesting information about our Outpatient services. We:

  • Accept in and out of network insurance and will perform an insurance verification
  • Focus on 12 Step recovery
  • Use treatment modalities like CBT, DBT, and MAT
  • Are a non-profit organization under The Gateway Foundation umbrella
  • Offer Withdrawal Management options
  • Believe in building a strong Addiction Recovery Community

If you want more information about cocaine addiction treatment and our cocaine addiction treatment center, we await your call. You can reach Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient staff at 312.464.9451. We encourage you to fight back against your addiction with an eye towards lasting recovery.