The popularity of meth on the streets remains as high as ever. Along with that popularity comes the same problems the country has been dealing with for decades. The fact is meth abuse creates addiction. For this reason, we need a meth addiction treatment center on every corner. If not for the availability of these facilities, we could only imagine the devastation meth addiction would cause.

How to Select the Right Meth Addiction Treatment Center

Man struggles at his meth addiction treatment centerWhen a client enters a meth addiction treatment program, they need to know they will be leaving with a lasting recovery. The key to getting that level of treatment is aligning oneself with a meth addiction treatment center that has a solid reputation.

In today’s addiction treatment community, there’s been a significant movement towards providing a larger menu of treatment options. The cookie-cutter approach to treatment simply wasn’t delivering the desired results. By combining evidence-based treatment modalities with a holistic approach to treatment, then the client’s whole person is healed. Of course, a well-rounded recovering client stands a much better chance of staying sober.

As a prospective client, it’s incumbent on you to find an accessible meth addiction treatment center that will also deliver results. Of course, it’s important to remember that word of mouth and research can help you find the right facility.

What to Expect From a Meth Addiction Treatment Program

Meth users also have a knack for falling victim to some really dangerous addiction issues. As a result, withdrawal management is almost always the first step of treatment. The client needs time to get past a significant list of withdrawal symptoms, including:

  • Anxiety, nervousness and agitation
  • Psychological issues like depression
  • Breathing and blood pressure issues
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Seizures and tremors
  • Coordination issues
  • Sleep disturbances

After withdrawal management, the patient will then need to spend a lot of time in individual and group therapy. Think of recovery like a trek towards self-discovery. Most drug users don’t really understand the reasons they feel the need to self-medicate. However, that’s an important piece of information. If the patient and counselor can identify the causes of the addiction, then they have a better chance of dealing with those issues.

The end goal of a meth addiction treatment program is to help the client learn to live life on life’s terms without drugs/alcohol. A good set of coping and life skills will also facilitate helping the recovering client navigate around triggers and temptation.

Gateway Foundation – History of Elite Treatment Services

Our Gateway Chicago River North facility is an outpatient meth addiction treatment center with many resources. Even from an outpatient program, we have been able to help meth addiction sufferers get over their addictions. The key to our success is our willingness to customize our treatment programs around modern day treatment options. We also treat a wider range of substance abuse addictions at our Gateway Foundation facilities located all over the country. For example, our menu of treatment services here at Gateway Chicago River North:

If you find yourself having to survive a meth addiction, your long-term health and even life are in danger. The quicker you get to a meth addiction treatment center like Gateway Chicago North River, then the better your chances of a successful recovery will be. The responsibility for taking the all-important first step towards treatment falls on your shoulders. That first step is picking up the phone and calling one of our staff members at 312.464.9451.