Addiction is a serious matter. If you are suffering from an addiction, seeking treatment as soon as possible is key to getting your life back on track. Addiction can be scary. You don’t have to fight it alone when there is a 12-step recovery program like Gateway Foundation Chicago River North out there to assist you.

Our 12-Step Recovery Program

Group meetings are part of a 12-step recovery programAt our Chicago River North location, we offer a 12-step recovery program. Although this is not the only recovery option we offer, it remains one of the most popular due to its high success rate. Gateway Foundation is the largest not-for-profit drug and alcohol treatment group in Illinois, as well as the nation. We are in our 50th year of business and have helped more than a million people.

As part of our 12-step program, we offer services such as:

We help individuals get down to the root causes of their addictions so that they can fully address them. Ours is not an organization that patches up problems and provides short-term fixes. Rather, our rehab center is one that helps individuals explore the reasons behind their behaviors so that they can better modify them and make lasting changes in the future. In some instances, we can provide medication to assist patients during their transition to a sober state.

Our Outpatient-Only 12-Step Recovery Program

Outpatient drug rehab is a treatment that you receive without having to reside on the premises of the facility. This type of therapy makes it so that you can get the lasting therapy you need without having to upset your daily routine. You can still go to work, live at home with your family, and carry on with your life in general when participating in Outpatient Treatment.

Outpatient Treatment usually consists of going to meetings and treatment sessions once or twice a week. More intensive programs might consist of going multiple times a day. When you first come into one of our treatment centers and express your needs, we’ll help you determine which level of addiction therapy services would be best for treating your addiction.

What Does the 12-Step Recovery Program Consist Of?

You probably hear about the 12-step recovery program a lot. It’s one of the oldest types of recovery programs out there, and there’s a reason so many centers like Gateway Foundation keep using it. It works for many people. Just what types of things can you expect to learn about in the 12-step recovery program, though? You’ll learn skills such as how to be mindful, how to avoid triggers, and how to stay committed to a treatment program. You’ll learn to be accountable to yourself and others and get a sense of structure as you attend regular meetings.

In addition to 12-step recovery, we offer other therapies that include:

Financing 12-Step Recovery Program Treatment

If you’re like many of us, you might not have all the funds that it takes to get the treatment you desire and need. At Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient, we believe that money shouldn’t be an issue when lives are at stake. We won’t turn away patients seeking treatment. Instead, we strive to offer affordable ways to finance treatment without clients having to cover all costs up front.

We accept rehab insurance coverage from companies both in and out of our network. We also offer financing options to those who don’t have any coverage or who need the options in addition to their insurance when their policy won’t cover the full cost of their treatment.

Don’t let addiction get the best of you. A quality outpatient-only 12-step recovery program rehab center like Gateway Foundation Chicago River North can help you. Contact us at 312.464.9451 today to get started.