Selfie of a group in a healthy addiction recovery communityIf you want to overcome your addiction, recovery does not end with treatment. After you graduate from our Outpatient Treatment, whether it’s Intensive Outpatient or Partial Hospitalization, you can get support from our active addiction recovery community. At Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient, we believe that addiction recovery is a life-long process. As such, we continue to support and offer services to our alumni throughout their life. Support in our Recovery Community includes participation in meetings, events, and volunteering opportunities.

At our center, we don’t just want to save your life, we also want to help you succeed. To achieve this, we provide lifelong access to our support system. We encourage you to take advantage of our support programs and build relationships that will last your whole life.

How Addiction Recovery Community Support Your Healings

Once your treatment for addiction has been completed, you still need support to continue with the everyday challenges you face. Participating in an active addiction Recovery Community guarantees that you receive the help you need. Through our social activities, educational programs and alumni support, you have the advantage you need to succeed in life.

Life-long addiction recovery takes effort, commitment, and support, so we give you the tools you need to achieve this. In our Recovery Community, you continue to build on what you learned during treatment.

Become Involved in our Recovery Community

We offer many opportunities to become involved in our addiction Recovery Community. You can participate in alumni group sessions, recovery group sessions and in our social activities. Additionally, you can also share your addiction recovery story to inspire others to continue their journey. Volunteering to run support groups, planning holiday dinners or merely talking with treatment patients are other ways to get involved.

When you volunteer, you not only encourage and support others, you also help yourself as well. By volunteering, you keep focused on your own recovery journey. Volunteering also creates opportunities to connect with counselors in case you need their assistance.

Services at Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient that Support Life-long Recovery

We believe that addiction recovery begins from the moment you make the decision to start the process and continues throughout your life. With this in mind, we support your recovery efforts from the first step, with evidence-based treatments and addiction therapies. These are in line with our holistic-based approach to healing. During your treatment and after graduation, we focus on healing your body, mind, and spirit. Once you graduate, we encourage you to remain involved with our addiction Recovery Community, where you receive support while you support others.

At Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient, we offer a variety of services to help you on your path to healing. Our services include:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Mindfulness-Based Sobriety Treatment
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Seeking Safety program

After graduation, you continue working with our Recovery Community through our alumni activities and programs. Our Alumni Engagement programs can help you keep your focus on your own recovery. You celebrate your victories while you help others continue on their paths to recovery. We also use technology so you can take your support network with you when you graduate. During treatment, our counselors teach you to use myStrength, a mental health app which gives you access to evidence-based resources for well-being and mental health.

If you want lifelong support to fight your addiction, choose a facility with a healthy addiction Recovery Community. At Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient, we support you from the first step of Withdrawal Management through treatment and Alumni Engagement. Call us today at 312.464.9451 to take the first step to turn your life around.