Members of the LGBTQ community often suffer problems related to their sexuality that heterosexual individuals simply don’t encounter. These include harassment and even violence. As a result, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals may abuse drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. If they wind up with a drug addiction, treatment at an LGBTQ drug rehab center can greatly benefit them.

Although there are many rehab facilities around, not all offer an LGBTQ addiction treatment program. These programs can help those who feel stigmatized due to their sexual orientation. Specialists in the field of addiction who can address LGBTQ issues with compassion give these individuals a good chance at lasting recovery.

Addiction and the LGBTQ Community

Woman recovering at an LGBTQ drug rehab centerDrug and alcohol abuse can affect anyone, but some people have a higher likelihood of using. This includes LGBTQ individuals.

Unfortunately, people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender still face obstacles. They may suffer from discrimination and harassment. Sometimes, attacks against them are violent.

It’s great if they have a supportive family but not all LGBTQ individuals do. On top of being mistreated because of their sexuality, they may also feel very much alone if they don’t have a strong support system. LGBTQ individuals are therefore more than twice as likely as their heterosexual counterparts to engage in illicit drug abuse.

With this higher incidence of substance abuse comes a higher incidence of addiction. There are a variety of rehab facilities around the country, but an LGBTQ drug rehab center can serve the needs of individuals in this community especially well.

Why Choose an LGBTQ Drug Rehab Center?

It’s difficult to be singled out due to your sexual orientation. When you make the decision to seek treatment for addiction, you want to feel safe. An LGBTQ drug rehab center, or even a rehab that offers LGBTQ-friendly programs, can help with that.

When you attend the LGBTQ addiction treatment program at Gateway Foundation River North, you’re with other individuals who understand what it’s like to be discriminated against for their sexuality. Being able to share your stories without fear of judgment can help your recovery progress.

People who identify as LGBTQ individuals feel stress stemming from bullying, family rejection and instances of homophobia. They know what it’s like to be in this unique and unfortunate position. Talking to and connecting with others who understand these feelings may give them the support everyone deserves for the first time in their lives.

With the support of others behind them, they often feel more empowered to make positive changes toward sobriety. They’ll learn coping skills that help them manage negative emotions and feelings. They’ll still have difficulties to face from homophobic individuals, but they’ll see there are better ways to deal with triggers and stress instead of using.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Gateway Foundation Chicago River North offers outpatient substance abuse treatment programs in Chicago. We’re part of the larger nonprofit Gateway Foundation, a long-time treatment provider. With a strong recovery community ready to support you at every phase of your journey, Gateway Foundation continues to help many individuals overcome addiction.

We offer:

We’re a pet-friendly facility that accepts insurance. We also offer financing options.

At an LGBTQ drug rehab center, you can get the effective addiction treatment you need to turn your life around. In our safe, supportive environment, you can move past old issues and gain important life skills. Begin your recovery by reaching out to us today at 312.464.9451 to find out more.