In recent years, the addiction treatment community has been trending away from using a medically-monitored detox program as a first resort. Many of the community’s top addiction treatment professionals are adopting a more progressive approach to treatment in many respects. When it comes to the detox process, there’s growing support for the idea clients should go through detox as naturally as possible. That’s why our Gateway Chicago River North facility uses a withdrawal management program as a first resort.

What is a Withdrawal Management Program?

Group of clients discuss their withdrawal management programBy the time addiction sufferers decide to stop using, the extent of damage to their bodies is significant. They are very likely going to have to deal with some pretty scary withdrawal symptoms before they complete the cleansing process. The addiction recovery community has gotten into the habit of giving medications to help with the detox process. We don’t believe that’s the right approach.

A withdrawal management program requires that the client goes through the detox process as naturally as possible. That means without any drugs. Whether it’s alcohol withdrawal management or opioid withdrawal management, we place more emphasis on things like exercise, meditation and nutrition to help the client detox. That is the essence of our withdrawal management River North Chicago programs.

During the detox process, the client will surely feel the effects of withdrawal. When they do, we want them to take the things they feel and deal with them more pragmatically. After learning the value of holistic therapies in the addiction treatment process, the client has something material they can take with them into the future.

By the way, under no circumstances will we put a client in danger. A withdrawal management program might not be the best solution for everyone. Instead, we are more than happy to outsource a traditional medically-monitored detox program when necessary. By necessary, we mean when the withdrawal symptoms are significant enough that they could put the client’s health at risk.

The Value of a Withdrawal Management Program to the Addiction Treatment Process

Whether it’s alcohol withdrawal management or opioid withdrawal management, the client is going to get other benefits. From a long-term perspective, they will learn about the importance of maintaining both mental and physical health. When people feel good about their minds and bodies, abusing substances becomes less of a priority.

There’s another aspect of this we need to touch upon. Some professionals within the addiction treatment community believe it is harmful to use drugs to help clients overcome a drug problem. In the case of drug tapering programs (Methadone etc.), the client is just as likely to create an addiction to those substances as they are to clear withdrawal. That doesn’t serve anyone well. The fact is learning to manage one’s withdrawal symptoms without drugs speeds up the recovery process. That should always be the path we choose as addiction treatment specialists. The success of our withdrawal management River North Chicago programs speaks for itself.

Program Offerings at Gateway Chicago River North

In our River North outpatient facility, we deliver treatment services on an outpatient basis only. However, our facility is but a small portion of a larger addiction treatment organization. For over 50 years, we have been treating addiction sufferers all over the US. What is consistent from one facility to the next is our emphasis on evidenced based treatment options. When we combine them with holistic therapies, we are able to create a custom treatment program for each client. That’s the job they are paying us to do. Here’s a brief list of our services nationwide:

As you contemplate how and where to get treatment for your addiction, you should consider one important thing. You want a treatment program that’s going to provide you with the basis for a lasting recovery. By starting with a withdrawal management program, you are announcing to your body and mind that no drugs are acceptable. At our Gateway Chicago River North facility, we support that contention. For more about our services, please call us at [Direct].