No single program works for everyone who needs addiction treatment. The best programs include a range of services that address each person’s needs. For that reason, Outpatient drug rehab Chicago River North offers, uses several services during rehab.

What Is Outpatient Drug Rehab?

Satisfied young man leaning on tree after outpatient Drug Rehab Center Chicago River North Outpatient treatment is drug rehab that minimizes the disruption to patients’ daily lives. Compared to Residential Treatment, it’s less intense because patients don’t live at our facility. They also don’t participate in therapy every day, but our program still manages recovery on a regular schedule.

Since outpatient care doesn’t include 24-hour supervision, it’s only ideal for patients who don’t have severe addictions. Those with severe addiction will benefit from Outpatient Treatment after they complete Residential Treatment. Using an Outpatient program as step-down treatment reduces the risk for relapse and overdose.

Also, some patients have more success when they can still see their family members during addiction treatment. Enrolling in Outpatient drug rehab center Chicago River North allows that because they get to live at home. Their families can also become active members in the treatment process. We can teach them about substance use disorder and how to support patients in healthy ways at home.

Outpatient Services to Expect

Patients can expect the same quality programs in Outpatient drug rehab as Residential Treatment. These include Medication-Assisted Treatment, counseling, skills development, dual diagnosis care, and aftercare planning. However, the specific treatment techniques that we use at Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient will depend on client needs.

Medication Management

The first step in every drug treatment plan is to safely stop using drugs during medical detox. Although most of the withdrawal symptoms subside by the end of detox, some of them could linger for months. Because of that, some patients need medication throughout rehab to help them focus on making positive lifestyle changes. Outpatient drug rehab center Chicago River North provides Medication-Assisted Treatment to manage these symptoms and cravings.

Counseling and Skills Development

Helping patients address the cause of their addiction and develop skills to maintain sobriety is the ultimate goal. Our Outpatient drug rehab center Chicago River North aims to achieve that objective with counseling and skills training. Our range of services also helps patients repair relationships with friends and family members. Some of these include:

  • Mindfulness-Based sobriety
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

By combining these traditional and holistic treatment methods, Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient offers extensive addiction treatment plans. We strive to make you physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to manage addiction after rehab.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

As part of our extensive services, our Outpatient drug rehab program includes Dual Diagnosis Treatment for those who need it. It’s typical for mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder to occur alongside addiction. Substance use disorder is a mental health disease itself, so the brain becomes open to multiple disorders. Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient offers Dual Diagnosis Treatment to address co-occurring disorders, too.

12-Step Facilitation

Outpatient drug rehab center Chicago River North also prepares patients for finding group support after treatment. We introduce them to the 12-Step framework and encourage them to join groups for ongoing support.

Comprehensive Outpatient Drug Rehab Center Chicago River North

At Gateway Chicago River North, we believe that addiction is a disease. It requires a combination of services to overcome it, and our Outpatient drug rehab program includes everything that you need. However, that’s not the only program we offer. Our adult treatment features other programs and services to provide various levels of care, including:

Our facility also accepts in- and out-of-network insurance and offers financing options for your treatment.

Stop letting addiction control your life. Visit our Outpatient drug rehab center Chicago River North, Gateway Foundation, to get affordable, family-friendly treatment. Call us today at 312.464.9451 to begin your recovery journey.