One factor that makes people hesitate to get addiction treatment is the cost. A lot of them believe that they can’t afford it. What they don’t realize is that rehab insurance coverage may pay for the majority of the bill. First, though, it helps to understand how insurance works.

How Health Insurance Works

Two people shaking on payment content for rehab insurance coverageIn general, people sign up for a specific policy and pay a monthly premium when they buy health insurance. The plans that are available depend on where they live. Also, the deductible, co-pay, and coinsurance differ depending on the policy that they choose.

The deductible is the amount that people have to spend on medical services before their insurance covers a percentage. For instance, they may have to pay $1,000 on services to reach the deductible. Then, the insurers may cover 80 percent of their future medical costs.

Co-pay, however, is a set amount that people pay for specific services whether or not they’ve reached the deductible. A general doctor visit, for example, may only be $15. Coinsurance is the percentage that people pay for medical services. If their insurers pay 80 percent, for instance, then the policyholders pay a 20-percent coinsurance.

There are also annual out-of-pocket maximum amounts that people pay for medical services. When they reach these amounts, their insurers cover all of their costs after that. All of the above numbers differ from plan to plan.

Along with the coverage amounts being different between policies, each plan may cover different services. Rehab insurance for outpatient drug rehab works in the same way.

Rehab Services That Insurance Pays For

Government regulations classify addiction and mental disorder treatment as essential health benefits. Because of that, insurers must offer rehab insurance coverage. The specific services that their policies pay for, though, can differ significantly. Some examples of covered services include:

To receive these and other rehab insurance benefits, some people need to demonstrate that the treatment is medically necessary. They can visit their primary doctors to get referrals for these services.

Furthermore, some rehab insurance plans require people to undergo Outpatient Treatment first, like what is offered at Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient. It will then cover a more comprehensive program if the first attempt is unsuccessful. People may only be able to get treatment at in-network facilities as well.

In other cases, policies set a time limit on how long people can attend Outpatient Treatment. There might be restrictions on the specific therapeutic services that they receive as well.

Determining Rehab Insurance Coverage

Since rehab insurance coverage varies so much between policies, it’s important for people to understand their benefits. Before they enroll in treatment programs, they can call their insurers and request information about their addiction treatment coverage. They need to know their deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance, out-of-pocket maximums, and covered services.

However, not everyone feels comfortable talking to insurance representatives. Some people might not fully understand insurance terms either. If the reps don’t make the benefits clear, they can get help from a rehab center instead. An admissions counselor at Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient can perform an insurance verification to determine the coverage and estimate the remaining cost.

Covering the Rest of Treatment

In some cases, rehab insurance doesn’t cover all of the addiction recovery services that people need. For that reason, it’s important for them to prepare to pay for the remaining bill.

One of the best options is to ask the rehab center if it offers financing. In this case, the facility allows people to make monthly payments over a set period. It might base the payments on their income so that those with lower incomes have lower monthly payments. Other options include applying for personal loans, using money in savings and asking loved ones for help.

Paying for Rehab at Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient

Are you looking for an affordable outpatient alcohol and drug treatment center in Chicago, Illinois? Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient accepts in- and out-of-network rehab insurance coverage. Our team can also set you up with financing to cover what your insurance doesn’t.

Gateway Foundation Chicago River North offers a range of services across Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization programs. Some of these services include:

Don’t let the cost of rehab keep you from getting Outpatient addiction treatment. Find out which services that your rehab insurance coverage will pay for. Call 312.627.9747 to get help from Gateway Foundation Chicago River North Outpatient today.