Addiction hurts more than just the person suffering the disease. It also hurts everyone around them. Your family deserves the best side of you, the healthy side they miss when you give in to your drugs or alcohol. Thankfully, Aetna outpatient drug rehab coverage offers you the chance to get the help you need for your whole family’s brighter future.

About Aetna Outpatient Drug Rehab

Man explains how he got Aetna outpatient drug rehab coverageOutpatient rehab works well for people with families, jobs, school and other responsibilities. Through Gateway Foundation outpatient care, you receive the highest quality of treatment while still pursuing your daily activities. Unlike residential treatment, you do not live at the facility. Instead, you sleep at home every night.

Aetna understands the benefits of Outpatient treatment. Whether this level of care applies to your situation depends on the severity of your addiction as well as whether you enjoy excellent support at home. If you do not have a reliable support system or if you suffer severe addiction, you possibly need a higher level of care. But using your Aetna outpatient drug rehab benefits means more of your treatment is covered by insurance and it costs less out of your pocket.

If you want to know if Aetna outpatient drug rehab will work for you, call Gateway Foundation River North in Chicago, Illinois. This opiate, cocaine, marijuana, benzo, prescription painkiller and meth addiction treatment River North Chicago understands your addiction, as much as your need for a better life. Whatever drugs or alcohol you abuse, you can find the Aetna outpatient drug rehab support you need at Gateway River North in Chicago.

Aetna drug rehab coverage insurance verification with Gateway River North is easy. All you need is your insurance card in hand when you call the facility. Ask the caring intake counselor whether your benefits cover treatment and which program will best suit your medical need. This Aetna drug rehab center River North Chicago helps you and your whole family heal, starting with the first phone call.

Which Therapies Your Aetna Insurance Pays For

Your Aetna drug rehab coverage supports a wide range of therapies and treatments at Gateway River North. These therapies match the quality and variety you receive in residential treatment at Gateway Foundation. You attend these therapies and sessions according to a set weekly schedule. Meanwhile, you continue fulfilling your personal responsibilities at home, school and work.

Gateway River North accepts your Aetna benefits. We offer 12 step program integration in your treatment if you want to succeed through the 12 steps. If you do not prefer this type of pathway to sobriety, alternatives exist through this leading Aetna drug rehab center River North Chicago. In fact, Gateway Foundation has helped over one million people achieve sustainable recovery in the past 50 years. In one phone call to Gateway River North, you can join that vibrant recovery community.

If you suffer mental health problems or receive a diagnosis of a mental health condition with your addiction, Gateway River North provides Certified Dual Diagnosis Treatment. Through Dual Diagnosis Treatment, you learn how to manage both of your conditions to end the unhealthy cycle of mental illness and substance abuse.

Other therapies and treatments you receive using your Aetna insurance at Gateway River North include:

These therapies take place in the individual and group therapy settings at Gateway River North. At the same time, you receive family therapy alongside your loved ones. Together, you and your family learn about addiction and mental health. You also build better communication skills and learn how to start achieving goals as a family unit. This helps break the cycles of addiction in your family for generations of healthier and happier lives.

Verify Your Aetna Insurance Benefits Now

Are you ready to stop hurting yourself and your family in substance abuse? Simply call Gateway River North with your insurance card in hand to learn what your policy covers. Within minutes, you learn about your benefits and expected out-of-pocket expense.

Use your Aetna outpatient drug rehab coverage for the Outpatient program that best suits your individual addiction recovery needs. Gateway Foundation River North in Chicago offers Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient levels of care, for the intensity of treatment that works best for you. So call Gateway Foundation River North now at [Direct] and start preparing for a new, happier and healthier life.